Hello, I'm Sarah.

I am a twentysomething Archaeology and Anthropology grad and I would like to go on some adventures please. Thank you. 


A bit about how this blog came to be..


I blame my love of adventures on a childhood spent immersed in books. I read stories of abandoned cities, of uncontacted tribes, of 'cave men' and Aztecs and Romans and rituals. These stories were far too exciting for me to be restricted to a bookshelf. I mean, Who were these people!?! How can I find out more?! 

For this reason, I adore trips to museums, to learn about people of the past by looking at the objects and material culture left behind. Visits to castles are another favourite - physical reminders of a timeline bursting with scandal, betrayal and illicit, sexy relations! Exploring beautiful nature is equally irresistible - I know nothing as inspiring as being outdoors.  

I love the feeling that comes over you when you find yourself standing in a site that could easily have sprung from a novel. It's one thing reading stories - it's another thing entirely  actually going to the places where these things went down. 

And so I started this blog - part as a record, part as motivation - about adventures. 

This blog will feature some of the favourite places I have stumbled across, as a twentysomething graduate, full of uncertainty but desperate to explore. It also is about beaut places for a good cup of coffee and affordable 'studenty' experiences from a youthful point of view.  I hope this proves to be useful and/or interesting. Get in touch with any comments, questions or riddles. I like all three. 

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